Novel Therm

Why geothermal is BEST

Low impact geothermal energy is at the core of what we do, providing the lowest costing solution for HPC is what we do best!

Unstable Renewal Energy (Solar/Wind):

Solar and wind resources inherently vary with the weather and time of day. Therefore, to meet the consistent power demands of a data center, they require an expensive intermediary – either the power grid with all of its frailties and pollution or an expensive power storage system.

Stable Renewal Energy (Geothermal):

Geothermal power on the other hand, is inherently consistent. It easily matches a data centers’ load profile and eliminates the need for power grid connection or expensive battery banks. We bore small 8-12″ holes in the earth and pump hot water directly into our heat engine to generate electricity 24/7.

We are the BEST renewable energy source option for your HPC data center!

Where We Do it

Novel Therm’s modified Stirling Engine has the unique ability to utilize 160-200 degree Fahrenheit water. This allows us to utilize low-temperature geothermal locations, tap into less costly shallow wells, and requires much less cooling to produce electricity.

Novel Therm Geo Thermal Map

Why is our low impact geothermal method better?

We Offer Consistent Energy Day Or Night, Good Weather Or Bad.
A perfect match for data center energy demands.

Novel Therm Energy Chart