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Dr. Peter Connolly

Peter Connolly

Structural Geologist
IT & Geoscience



Vince Bunting

Mechanical Engineer
R&D, Equipment - Manufacturing, Deployment, & Operations


Glenn Tucker

Glenn Tucker

Project Planning & Management

Greg Stewart

Greg Stewart

Project Development
& Finance

Dr. Peter Connolly is a structural geologist specializing in geomechanics and the numerical simulation of geological phenomena. After several European post-doctoral positions he joined Chevron’s research department in 2005, where he pioneered making numerical simulation of present-day geological systems a mainstream product with applications across the upstream. Included in many significant technical contributions were projects involving geomechanics in exploration and reservoir quality assurance (patent), depletion risking of fault structures, Enhanced (Engineered) Geothermal System (EGS) pilot and CO2 sequestration. Dr. Connolly has extensive experience in personnel and project management being technical lead for more than 100 research and service projects totalling >>$75 million.

Mr. Bunting is a lifelong tinkerer and lover of all things mechanical.  He has spent the last twenty years of his career honing his skills as a machinist, fabricator, and engineer in the vintage & historic automobile industry, where he designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind pieces.
His intricate, hand-crafted design work has won him awards at The Grand Nationals and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in addition to the prestigious Detroit Autorama Riddler Award, and the coveted America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award.
Over the last decade Mr. Bunting has focused his mechanical engineering talents on green energy technologies, convinced that there is a better, more efficient way to power our world without harming it though well-designed machinery.  He has co-founded and partnered multiple companies who will soon shape the way energy is produced and consumed on our planet.

As a consulting engineer, Mr. Tucker has spent over 30 years in the design and implementation of conventional and renewable energy systems for buildings and industrial operations. He was a Solar Energy Systems Analyst and consultant for the Dept. of HUD and Boeing Aerospace in the 1980's, and as owner of his own engineering firm, went on to design mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for several award winning solar and energy efficient buildings as well as over 2,000 residential, institutional and industrial buildings throughout the country. He has managed numerous construction projects from the ground up, and is well qualified to oversee Novel Therm's construction of it's renewable energy power plant uniquely paired with a HPC data center.

Mr. Stewart has enjoyed a 30-year career in commercial real estate development, as a partner or sole proprietor in three companies.  His duties and endeavors included project procurement, entitlement processing, debt and equity placement, and project marketing. In 2008 Mr. Stewart became concerned about global climate issues and began R&D efforts to enhance solar power supply chain and efficiency issues.  From there, his efforts in renewable energy introduced him to the great potential of geothermal energy production.  As a co-founder of Novel Therm, Mr. Stewart brings a great wealth of experience and accomplishment to the goals of this new venture.

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