Novel Therm

Greenest Energy

Why Our Power Production is Truly Carbon-Free!

Using heat energy from naturally occurring geothermal resources we generate electricity on-site, producing carbon free electricity, with zero harmful emissions. Hot water is pumped out of the aquifer where it is converted via our heat engines into electricity. The processed water is then injected back into the ground to replenish the source aquifer. Unlike solar or wind, geothermal energy is converted into electricity 24/7, allowing continuous data center operation using 100% green energy.

Novel Therm Carbon-Free
Novel Therm Grid Power

Deceptive Claims of "Carbon-Free"

Other claims of “green” data center operation, are in fact still grid tied, even though the owners have contracted for wind and solar grid power inputs. Since the grid’s power mix is mostly fossil fuel based, any use of the grid inevitably involves the emission of carbon dioxide, methane, and other green house gases. In contrast, the grid independent, green energy we produce is used directly on site, eliminating the entire green house gas issue.

Novel Therm Geothermal Power