Novel Therm

The Novel Therm HPC Bursting Model

Up to 10 times cheaper than current market HPC rates


Approximately 90% of high-performance computing (HPC) activity occurs in user owned and operated facilities (i.e., on-premises). The demand occurs at a “public cloud service provider (PCSP),” such as AWS, Microsoft Azure,

The Issue

When the capacity of privately owned HPC facilities is temporarily exhausted (a surprisingly common 20 to 30% of the time), users and organizations must resort to PCSP’s. This overflow PCSP usage is commonly referred to as “Bursting into the public cloud.”
Novel Therm HPC Bursting Model

The Opportunity

Surveys indicate that both data sovereignty and “runaway Bursting fees” are primary concerns for CTO’s and CIO’s, eliciting a desire for an alternative. These concerns combine to present an opportunity for our business model, which will enable clients to “burst” into our facility on demand and be billed only for that usage at a fixed price.

The Novel Therm Solution

Combining Novel Therms’ self-produced off-grid carbon free power with immersion cooling gives us a significant competitive advantage amounting to service fees comparable to typical HPC data centers’ operating costs. This saving allows us to provide an all-inclusive fixed price well below PCSP’s total service charges, without data exit fees and often below users on-premises costs. Our patented and unique solution means we can operate HPC data centers anywhere a (geo)thermal resource and high-speed data connection are available.

Our unique patented solution has extreme competitive and environmental advantages over both the dominant PCSP’s as well as smaller alternatives.