Ultimate Savings

  • Flat rate pricing includes electricity
  • Zero cash required 100% provider financed
  • Immersion cooling is lowest PUE/cost
  • Off grid redundant base-load geothermal power production; provided below solar and wind cost per KWH

Unique Geothermal Solution

  • Unlimited stable energy source
  • 24/7 consistent on-site power production
  • Off-grid energy independence
  • Quiet & odorless closed loop system
  • 100% carbon free & planet friendly operation

Pain Free Construction

  • Pre-approved project sites
  • Under 12 month deployment
  • Modular immersion cooled HPC facility
  • Modular power plants
Our low-price Green power + immersion cooling, make us the lowest cost enterprise provider


Pain-Free Data Center Solution

  • Concerned with your high energy carbon footprint?
  • Concerned with future green house gas regulations?
  • Concerned about grid dependence with increasing security issues?

With Novel Therm Expect:

  • 100% renewable low heat geothermal power plants!
  • Carbon free, clean, reliable on-site electrical power!
  • 24 hours a day & 365 days a year!



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Novel Therm's Modular Immersion Cooled Data Center:

The most efficient server-cooling technology in the world is Green Revolution Cooling's low costing, energy-saving-solution, modular data center with their liquid immersion cooling system. One container is equal to 5,000 sq. ft. of traditional air cooled data centers. PLUS, data centers are delivered months after ordering!

"The GRC system is reducing our cooling energy consumption by up to 90%, bringing down our totalĀ energy cost by around 35%."
- CTO Downunder Geosolutions


Building a HPC data center? You've come to the right place. Tell us what you need and we will create a fixed price, wholesale, green energy solution for your data center needs. We will save you money & time while saving the planet.