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High Performance Compute as a service for the lowest, green price possible

We help protect the environment by powering our HPC Data Centers with 100% renewable geothermal energy.

Immersion Cooled HPC Data Center

Our low-price green power + immersion cooling, make us the lowest cost enterprise provider

Cost Saving

  • Disruptive level savings – up to 10X average market price
  • Flat rate pricing includes electricity
  • No storage fees
  • No data exit / retrieval fees
  • Actual data sovereignty

Pain Free Engagement

  • No long-term contracts
  • Fixed Price
  • No deposits
  • On demand
  • Variable facility occupancy available

Unique Geothermal Solution

  • Unlimited, off-grid energy source
  • 100% carbon free & planet friendly operation
  • Quiet & odorless closed loop system
  • Smallest environmental impact

Who we are

Together let's take a stand and move to truly green and sustainable data centers!

Low impact geothermal energy is at the core of what we do, providing the lowest costing solution for HPC is what we do best!

Novel Therm

With Novel Therm Expect:

  • 100% renewable low heat geothermal power plants!
  • Carbon free, clean, reliable on-site electrical power!
  • 24 hours a day & 365 days a year!
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Novel Therm eliminates runaway bursting charges and the stress of excessive unknown fees.

 – We enable clients to “burst” into our facility on demand with usage only billing. .