Ultimate Savings

  • Fixed Wholesale Take or Pay rate includes electricity
  • Zero Cash Required 100% provider financed
  • Immersion Cooling is lowest PUE/Cost
  • Off Grid Redundant Base-load geothermal power production; provided below Solar and Wind Cost per KWH

Unique Geothermal Solution

  • Unlimited Stable Energy Source
  • 24/7 Consistent On-Site Power Production
  • Off-Grid Energy Independence
  • Quiet & Odorless closed loop system
  • 100% Carbon Free & Planet Friendly Operation

Pain Free Construction

  • Pre-approved Project Sites
  • Under 12 Month Deployment
  • Modular Immersion Cooled HPC Facility
  • Modular Power Plants

Pain-Free Data Center Solution

  • Concerned with Your High Energy Carbon Footprint?
  • Concerned with Future Green House Gas regulations?
  • Concerned about Grid Dependence with Increasing Security Issues?

With Novel Therm Expect:

  • 100% Renewable Low Heat Geothermal Power Plants!
  • Carbon Free, Clean, Reliable On-Site Electrical Power!
  • 24 Hours a Day & 365 Days a Year!




Novel Therm's Modular Immersion Cooled Data Center:

- The most efficient server-cooling technology in the world. The modular data center is both a low-cost and energy-saving solution.  With their liquid immersion cooling system, 1 container is equal to 5,000 sqft of traditional air cooled data centers.

Added Bonus*: Data Centers delivered just months after ordering!

The GRC system is reducing our cooling energy consumption by up to 90%, bringing down our total energy cost by around 35%…
- CTO Downunder Geosolutions

A Free Consultation

Building a HPC data center? You've come to the right place. Tell us what you need and we will create a fixed price, wholesale, green energy solution for your data center needs. We will save you money & time while saving the planet.